No Two Paths the Same DVD

12 June 2014

“This is a unique learning resource film partly funded by an educational grant from ESTD. It explains and offers insights into the phased-orientated treatment approach for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).It features three experts-by-experience who live with and are in long-term therapy for DID — Melanie Goodwin, Kathryn Livingston & Oriel; Paul, a partner of someone diagnosed with DID; Remy Aquarone, Analytical Psychotherapist; Dr Mike Lloyd, Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS; and Sue Richardson, Attachment – based Psychotherapist. The film complements First Person Plural’s first training film “A Logical Way of Being – the reality of dissociative identity disorder and other complex dissociative conditions” (2011) which was also part-funded by an ESTD educational grant”

Both our films are available as hard copy DVDs or as MP4 downloads and can be purchased using the link below. Only the first film “A Logical Way of Being” is available with subtitles in 5 european languages.

We are offering ESTD members discounted prices of:

  • £20 (usual price = £25) for No Two Paths The Same
  • £15 (usual price= £20) for A Logical Way of Being.

When both films are purchased together the ESTD member discount price is just £25 (usual price = £35).

All prices in British pounds.

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