How to access the ESTD Journal

PLEASE READ the whole section before accessing the journal...

Here is a brief explanation that describes the process to go through, once you have received your password from Elsevier.

In the month following your subscription as an ESTD member, you recieved an email from Elsevier entitled "Your access codes for the European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation"

This email gives you the email adress and the password you have to use to access the ESTD Journal.

You can now access the full content of this journal on the website

You will be able: 

  • to consult the last online issues as well as the archives
  • to access the full text of the articles thanks to an advanced search engine.

To benefit from your access, please visit the website, At the top right of your screen, type in the designated spaces the codes you haved recieved by email:

          Email: xxxxxxxxxx
          Password: xxxxxxxxxxx.

This password is temporary, you will be asked to change it at the first connection. As soon as you are logged in, please click on the icon “Ma bibliothèque” to visualize your list of subscriptions.

You can also change the website into French, Spanish, or Italian, by clicking on the icon of a globe in the upper right hand corner of the screen, or by directly clicking on the following links:

Then follow the instructions in your language.

In case you encounter difficulties to connect, please email Djamila Medouni at


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European Journal of Trauma and Dissociation