La dissociazione nella costruzione della realtà. Prospettive cliniche.

Dissociation is a subject that arouses a strong and enhanced interest and plays a key role at clinical level. With the help of neurosciences, at the theoretical and experimental level the conceptualizations range from physiology and well-being - with aspects of creativity and originality - up to the most serious forms of psychopathology - when the clinician discovers at a deeper level the body of the patient, where emotions and thoughts take place.

The book is divided into two parts: one theoretical and one describing the clinical practice. After an introduction on the historical traces of dissociation, a series of contributions based on the cognitive-constructivist approach explores subjects linked to conscience, dissociation and parts therapy. An in-depth analysis that follows the different stages of development of an individual - childhood, adolescence and adulthood – is then presented. Subsequently, a wide-ranging view on dissociation is provided – going from the intervention on couples to sexuality, and to treatments inside specialized facilities. Specific contexts are observed, such as the legal, the cinematographic and the oneconnected to transcultural aspects.

The book offers models of understanding, relational aspects and practical tools for the clinical intervention. It is addressed to professionals - like psychologists, psychotherapists, medical practitioners, psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and newly graduated doctors in training - but also to those who want to deepen the subjects of dissociation and trauma from a social and cultural point of view.


Giorgio Rezzonico is a Clinical Psychologist and a certified FMH Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. Former tenured professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Psychiatry Specialization at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Former director of the Mendrisio Cantonal Neuropsychiatric Hospital and its territorial health care services. Past President and Trainer of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SITCC), his work has been focusing on psychotherapy, socio-psychiatric assistance and psycho-social rehabilitation with “difficult patients”. Scientific Director of the Carlo Perris Research Centre of the non-profit organization Il Volo.


Fabio A.P. Furlani is a Physician and a Cognitive Relational Constructivist Psychotherapist. Trainer of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SITCC) and of the Centres of Cognitive Therapy in Como and Turin, he is an ESTD Country Representative for Italy. EMDR Practitioner and Consultant, he is a Level-II Psychotherapist in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. For years he has been focusing on the theory and the treatment of dissociation and trauma and, in addition to several scientific publications, he holds specific training courses in these sectors.