Letter From The President

Dear ESTD members,

Shall we meet…? The aim of ESTD is to promote and increase knowledge on trauma and dissociation throughout Europe, and we want to put a special focus right now on Eastern European countries. For this to happen, it’s best if we meet!

I am happy to inform you that on 24-25 April 2015, Timisoara in Romania hosted a wonderful and very successful conference on Trauma and Dissociation, organized locally and supported by ESTD (See conference review by Anca Sabau, board member of ESTD, in this issue). Four hundred and forty two participants from different countries presented, connected and met intensely. This overwhelming success for a first ESTD-sponsored conference in Romania promoted a lot of hope and enthusiasm for our work to continue.

To help realize some of the visions of ESTD and to act in the same manner as our Timisoara colleagues, I invite all members and country representatives (see list at the end of this newsletter) to organize local meetings and conferences, to give interviews to the media and to talk with colleagues about chronic traumatization and dissociation. On the one hand, this helps you to connect and to grow as a community in your region or country. On the other hand, you help ESTD to promote and to increase the knowledge among professionals and the general population. Victims of chronic traumatization, violence, abuse and neglect need to know that psychotherapeutic help and overcoming trauma-related disorders is possible. To be able to do this they must be able to find and meet their therapists! So they must find you! For any planned activity, do not hesitate to contact ESTD (info@estd.org) so we can announce your event on our website and support you wherever it is possible.

I would also like to point out that our next conference in Amsterdam from April 14-16, 2016 is now calling for abstracts. We are sure that our Amsterdam conference set in a wonderful venue will be a big success. To promote discussions and exchange, it would be great if new colleagues would be willing to submit their conference abstract. Keep the date to make sure you will be there! It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about research and clinical implications about chronic traumatization and dissociative disorders and to meet people and colleagues from your own or from other European countries and other continents. Don’t miss it! .

Professional exchange and personal meetings are always the best way to connect and as you all surely agree, are much richer than email and skype contacts.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Eva Zimmermann

ESTD President


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 4, Number 2, June 2015



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