Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues and fellow members of the ESTD,

In another month, we will be entering a New Year, an important year for ESTD. For two years, a team of motivated members under the leadership of Andrew Moskowitz , is preparing our major event, the biannual conference in Copenhagen. The conference promises to be a real success judging by the the serious number of abstracts we have received since the call went out.

In October, we had our half-yearly board meeting in Brussels. And again it has been a pleasure to work with our dynamic and very diversified team. Besides the organisation of the conference, two main topics were discussed. The first topic concerned further reflections on guidelines regarding the creation of educational programs. These programs need to correspond to different levels of knowledge. We also reflected on different means we could use to spread the knowledge. If all the board members do agree that ESTD needs to use the different information supports which are in tune with the times, like DVD’s , webinars, e-learning, we also believe that ‘non’ virtual local trainings are still those which we want to promote most. After all, we are working with patients throughout the relational–emotional aspect because we know the relationship is the most powerful tool to allow changes. The second topic is linked to the first one and concerns the development of the website. Questions around goals we want to pursue by means of the website and ways of making different types of information more easily accessible were raised. We know that our website, although much improved over the last two years, needs different aspects to make information searching more friendly. The website committee will work further on these issues.

Together with the numbers of ESTD members growing, we can also witness a wave of interesting projects including conferences in different European countries on trauma and dissociation (i.e. Poland, Norway). It seems also that in the near future more than one national one-day ESTD conferences will be organized in European cities. I will give you some more information about the location and dates of the coming one-day ESTD conferences in the next Newsletter. You can already note in your agenda the conference in Timisoara, Romania the 24th-25th of April 2015.

During the month of January, you will receive a letter for payment of ESTD membership, with a request to introduce an annual standing order payment. ESTD has its head office in the Netherlands and by Dutch law, once you are member, you stay a member, which means that annual payment is a ‘duty’ unless you unsubscribe.

For all of you who are coming to the conference, I hope to meet you there. You can join us at the General meeting on Friday evening to raise your questions concerning ESTD matters. We are always happy to receive feedback.

Till then I wish you all a joyful New Year.

Manoëlle Hopchet

President, ESTD


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 3, Number 5, December 2013



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