Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues and fellow members of the ESTD,

After a holiday with plenty of light and heat, the sun being at least very present here in this part of Europe, and a pace of work a little more relaxed , I returned to a higher speed with my board colleagues and begin with pleasure and energy the coming period until the next highlight for our society which is of course the ESTD conference in Denmark next spring. The next board meeting will take place in Brussels in October and the organization of the conference will be further discussed.

I wanted to inform you about two decisions taken during this summer period. The first is that it was decided on the board that the next one-day ESTD conference, after being held in Paris and Prague, will take place in Timisoara, Romania in 2015. Anca Sabau , chair of the training and certification committee, and Ileana Radu and Stefanea Racorean, our Romanian colleagues who for many years have been very active in training clinicians in the field of complex trauma in Romania , are taking up this new challenge and we are sure it will be a successful one.

The second news item is that, thanks to the initiative of Eli Somer, our former president, the ESTD now appears on Wikipedia. It was important that ESTD be present in this ‘free’ encyclopedia on the net.

Welcome to our new chair of the committee website Giovanni Tagliavini taking over the work of Mike Lloyd . For information to put on the website for training in the field of dissociation , you can either contact the contact persons in your country ( you can find the name on the country pages of the ESTD website), or contact Giovanni. If you have free time, or if you want to create time to help in the translation (Newsletter, information on dissociative disorders, ..) please contact us.

Furthermore, I want to tell you that the deadline to enter the abstracts for the conference in Copenhagen in March has been extended to mid-October so be quick (see website www.estd2014.org ).

I hope you all are having a good return to work.

Manoëlle Hopchet

President, ESTD


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 3, Number 4, September 2013



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