Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues,

Last April, our second national ESTD event took place in the wonderful city of Prague in collaboration with the Czech Neuropsychiatric Forum and was titled: Complex trauma dissociation and functional disorders. The Neuropsychiatric Forum in Prague is a professional society open to specialists of various disciplines of neuroscience, such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists and psychologists. This symposium covered a range of interdisciplinary approaches to the functional disorders arising from complex trauma and dissociation, functional movement disorders, conversion paralysis from the neurologists and the neuro-imaging perspective. At the end of the symposium, a panel discussion between different experts of the field of on one hand, dysfunctional and on the other, dissociative disorders guided us through a process of discovering the different perspectives on various somatoform symptomatology and the psychological processes behind them. If certain of the presented conditions of patients were for me clearly recognizable, like pseudo-epileptic seizures presented by Stephanie Howlett, the videos on the symptomatology of patients treated for dysfunctional disorders were new to me. Maybe these symptoms are more encountered in a medical environment than in mental health services or private practices. The whole board was very keen to find ways to continue this innovative debate and bring functional neurological symptoms more into focus in ESTD.

The first call for abstracts for the ESTD conference in Copenhagen at the Tivoli Congress Hall is open the moment this newsletter reaches you. So, be numerous to get inspired and to share your views, research results, cases, treatment methods. Colleagues working in this field of complex trauma and dissociation coming to the conference are eager to discover or learn other approaches or new data you will bring. Andrew Moskowitz and Ellen Jepsen together with the organizing committee are working hard to prepare this promising Scandinavian conference. The program will be soon available on this website address: http://estd2014.org/

In Prague we held our ESTD board meeting and were aware of the importance of putting in place contents of trainings concerning complex trauma, dissociative disorders and attachment issues. To train clinicians across Europe requires a framework of structured contents such as to address the field of complex trauma and dissociation at different levels, but also to its fullest extent. Anca Sabau, chair of our training and certification committee, will start by establishing needs regarding training in countries where sill little is known in the field of complex trauma and dissociation.

During the meeting, the board agreed that ESTD would participate financially in the second DVD project in collaboration with First person plural, this time on the treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders. Besides this, we’re considering ways of putting the first DVD ‘logical way of being’ on our website in an e-learning form to allow more people to benefit from the content. As you have maybe be informed, in April we have had the unavoidable resignation of 2 board members. The first is our Treasurer, Adelheid Eijsink from the Netherlands, who has had to resign because of serious health issues. We have had to go ahead and appoint Annemiek van Dijke as our new Treasurer. We thank Adelheid for her precious work in ESTD making ESTD truly accountable financially. The second departure is of Mike Lloyd, chair of the membership committee, because of unforeseen work pressure due to fundamental changes within NHS employment in the UK. Mike started the big task of improving the website concerning training information and we thank him for his dedication towards increasing the visibility of ESTD. The elections will have been held by the time you’ll get this newsletter, the results of the election will be known to you.

Finally, we have the pleasure to welcome two new east European countries in ESTD: Lithuania and Belarus. Interest in the field of complex trauma and dissociation is becoming bigger in these east European countries and creating networks between the neighbouring countries is an ongoing process.

I can also encourage you to visit now and then our website www.estd.org . Your questions, feedback, remarks are welcome !

Have all a nice and fulfilling summer

Manoëlle Hopchet

President, ESTD


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 3, Number 3, June 2013



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