Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues and fellow members of ESTD

I’m delighted to write you my first Presidential letter.

Four years on the ESTD Board have definitely helped me to make contacts with many members. I have been so encouraged by the diversity of knowledge, experiences, opinions and visions about our work as clinicians, researchers and professionals in the field of complex trauma and dissociation. Working in this very supportive and creative team is certainly encouraging and I look forward to the next two years work together to do our best to serve the ESTD.

I would like to thank Remy Aquarone for his energy and dedication. His presidency was marked by the creation of the Child Committee with Renee Marks as Chair, which is now working on guidelines for treatment of traumatized children and adolescents, and the Research Committee with Andrew Moskowitz as Chair. He also made possible the elaboration and diffusing of the DVD a logical way of being. As Past President he will stay on the board and I’m very glad to benefit from his experience and wisdom for the two years to come.

As Remy mentioned it in his last ESTD Newsletter, we are now over 500 members strong. This shows that the interest in the field of trauma and dissociation is growing and that we need to think and work further at the promotion, sharing and diffusion of our knowledge and build up more professional networks among clinicians and researchers. My main objective during these two years will be to reflect and work hard together with the education, training and certification committee on specific needs in different countries concerning these matters. One of our most important tools of visibility and sharing of information is of course our website pages and the creation of a new ‘Training Information Newsletter’, which will hopefully permit more information about possible trainings between countries. Some countries have already build up general expertise about dissociation, while in other countries dissociation is unknown.

In December, I made an approximate census of ESTD members: 70% of the ESTD members are psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers, 20% are medical doctors (mostly psychiatrists) , 4% students and 1% patients. These numbers show us that if we want to increase the smaller member groups (students and medical doctors), an extra accent needs to be put on informing universities and the medical world especially through articles of scientific research studies and clinical studies. This will be my second objective during these two years.

ESTD does have a place to defend among different clinical European organisations. Since dissociation will be more included , in both classification systems, DSM-5 & ICD-11, the scientific and clinical knowledge accumulated by the experts in our field will give numerous answers to and raise interesting discussions around the complexity of the consequences of trauma. In collaboration with ISSTD, the future will show us in which ways this can be continued.

I have to announce the unfortunate departure, of Jan Soukup, our Secretary, in April 2013. His last board meeting with us will be held in his beautiful city of Prague, where the second ESTD national conference will be held. Thank you, Jan, for your contributions to the Board and for your very effective work in the creation of a archiving system for our ‘Board Documents’. Anna Gerge, Chair of the Training and Certification Committee, will replace Jan. In April Anca Sabau and Anabel Gonzalez will take their place as new Board Members and Chair the training/certification committee (Anca) and education committee (Anabel). Eva Zimmerman will, as President Elect, also become chair of the membership committee.

Thanks and welcome to Joseph Schwartz, our new co-chair of the Newsletter Committee, who as former journalist (editor) will surely provide a good editing job for some time.

And finally, a warm welcome to those who have recently joined the ESTD! I hope you will enjoy the advantages of belonging to the ESTD.

Manoëlle Hopchet

President, ESTD


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 3, Number 2, March 2013



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