Letter From The President

Dear Colleagues and fellow members of ESTD

This is my final newsletter as President of ESTD. Two years have flown by and yet it feels the right length of time in post. I’ve had the opportunity to understand the complexities of this position and help put into action our collective plans without becoming overloaded with the responsibilities.

Whereas board members are elected to run from April to April, the post of President Elect, President and Past President is for a two year term from December to December. So by the time you get this newsletter, Manoëlle Hopchet will be your new president, Eva Zimmerman will be your President Elect and I will remain on the board as Immediate Past President.

Eli Somer, as Past President, moves off the board to join Suzette Boon as honourable and hopefully wiser members of the Upper House. They continue to be available for consultation when the board needs additional guidance and they carry an important reminder of our history. Eli has devoted the last 12 years serving first on the ISSTD board as their President and then on ESTD’s board. Thank you so much, Eli, for all you have done to foster International friendship and colleagueship in both the ISSTD and ESTD.

As this is my opportunity to look back on my term as President, my first thought is how fortunate I am to have had the support and backing of such a hard working and empathic board. The cultural and professional diversity of board members has added potency to our discussions and the decision making process.

Keeping good relationships with our colleagues from ISSTD has been a demanding but worthwhile challenge. We are both at different points on our journey with different preoccupations. ISSTD have always employed a management company to run their affairs. Consequently in these times of recession their running costs are high and a constant worry. We are fortunate to have inherited a financial buffer at the time ESTD was formed and have relied on voluntary help to run our business. Our concern is to ensure that, despite the recession, we can continue to offer cost effective conferences and financially support regional events. That reminds me, both Manoëlle Hopchet and Serge Goffinet are to be congratulated on receiving the ISSTD’s President’s Award for their translation of the ISSTD Guidelines into French.

We have continued as a board to meet face to face twice a year: once at our annual event in the spring and once in the autumn. This October it was a great pleasure to have the Board meet at my home town of Norwich. To mention just the main decisions taken, it was decided to change our biennial conferences so as not to have them on the same year as EMDR. This follows our belief that the large numbers of EMDR members in Europe are the most likely colleagues to embrace Dissociation. We have therefore decided that the next main conference following Copenhagen in 2014 will be in Bern in 2017.

Thus in 2013 we have a one day ESTD sponsored conference in Prague and will have similar one day events in 2015 and 2016.

I would like to congratulate and welcome Anabel Gonzalez and Anca Sabau as two new members of the board as from April 2013. They will, however, be joining unofficially from December so as to familiarise themselves with this new post.

In the next newsletter, Manoëlle will be announcing the departure of two current members of the board who are due to leave in April 2013.

Martin Dorahy, who has been the Co-Chair of the Newsletter Committee since its start in November 2010 is handing over his position to Joseph Schwartz. I got to know Martin when he was working and residing in Northern Ireland. Despite moving to New Zealand he has continued to give ESTD such wonderful support and direction. Thank you so much Martin. I believe you have not been allowed to escape completely. You will remain on the committee!

And finally, I have just heard from our Treasurer, Adelheid Eijsink that we have reached the milestone of 500 ESTD members for the first time! Such wonderful news. Thank you all for your dedication and continued membership. It has been a pleasure to represent you all and I have absolute faith in ESTD being in good hands with Manoëlle taking the helm.

Remy Aquarone

President, ESTD


From ESTD Newsletter Volume 3, Number 1, December 2012



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