New Covid Guidebooks

Dr Gilbert Kliman,MD, a 90 year old psychoanalyst and psychiatrist is Medical Director of the Children's Psychological Health Center in San Francisco.

As well as his ground-breaking work with traumatised and deprived children in the USA  he has also created free guided activity workbooks on covid for children all over Europe. Together with his wife Dr Harriet Wolfe, who is also a child and adult psychoanalyst, he has created a new workbook "My Pandemic Story". These are available in German, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Croatian, Russian and Turkish. On his website you can access a form asking for a license to download these workbooks. London child psychoanalyst Jenny Davids, as Director of Africa Projects, will take the project to rural areas in Africa. 

The whole aim is to find a common language to educate deprived children and their families psychologically.