ESTD Membership Committee

10 February 2012
Membership Committee
  • Committee Charge: to consider how best to attract and retain a mix of members, clinicians and other professionals across Europe whose work involves the assessment, treatment and research of trauma and dissociation.
  • Committee composition: Chair (Igor Pietkiewicz), always a Board member and several national representatives of her choice.

Function Statement:

  1. Foster an ongoing relationship between the ESTD Board and its national representatives and national component groups
  2. Help retain ESTD memberships renewals
  3. Increase new membership joining
  4. Identify members from around Europe to help with ESTD committees and task forces, providing an avenue for members to become involved in the inner workings and outer expression of ESTD, bringing their experience, cultural knowledge, and sensitivity to the organization
  5. Serve as a conduit between the needs of the committees and task forces and the talents of the members of ESTD

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