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ESTD-UK Report for 2016/2017

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This has been another busy year with training and the Spring 2017 Conference in Norwich. All our training and conferences are developed around the ESTD core aims and have the sub-heading  ‘practical training for people in practice’,   originally proposed by one of our members and adopted by ESTD-UK to describe the key purpose of our educational work. We have recently begun to explore the process to achieve formal accreditation for all our courses.

Live Training

ESTD-UK ran two courses, the Foundation and Post Foundation. They are both run in 2 day blocks a month apart, making four days in total and are developed to be a progressive learning path. The Foundation course lays a clear theoretical understanding of the origins and consequences of trauma related complex dissociation that is fully supported and complimented by the trainer’s  extensive wealth of clinical experience and the expert by experience contribution both in writing and developing the training and presenting a full day on both courses.

The Post-Foundation course is about working therapeutically with DID clients using the three stage approach to therapy. All the days are interactive as we find this approach to training on such a complex subject allows for the best outcomes of knowledge acquired to be built on allowing those attending to feel more confident in their practice with this client group.

The ESTD-UK run both these courses annually. This year 23 people completed the Foundation Course and 17 the Post Foundation.

In addition, we were commissioned to deliver the Foundation Course to two private hospitals that treat DID patients referred by the NHS. Over 50 staff working in various roles attended all four days

These courses have a high satisfaction rating. Examples of feedback from participants on the Foundation and Post Foundation courses are : Very stimulating and informative; Great explanations and clear content; Very comprehensive and accessible; Very coherent structure: provided a comprehensive overview of dissociation; So informative, supportive, understood so much more,and the other people on the course have been open, respectful and such a wealth of knowledge.

The in-put by experts by experience is highly valued.  Examples of specific feedback re their contribution are:  Vital for clinical understanding; Inspirational - articulate presenters, intelligent and well thought out. Fantastic, insightful, good balance of theoretical and self experience.

Online Training

Preview Complex Dissociation Online Courses from ESTD-UK


There will be reduced fees for ESTD members and further large discounts for organisations booking multiple places and likewise for individual participants from Eastern Europe.


Spring 2017 Conference

The Spring Conference held in partnership with the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society and First Person Plural was attended by 260 delegates over the two days. The conference was divided into three streams - Child and Adolescent, Service Issues and Therapeutic Skills. The feedback over the two days was very encouraging with delegates enjoying the wide choices they were offered and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere we engendered throughout the organising of the conference and on the two days. We had an amazing level of experienced speakers, most of whom were from the UK. They shared so much from their own personal practices, experiences and the developing work that is ongoing within the NHS, forensic, jurisdiction, inpatient facilities and within therapy for both children and adults to name just a few areas that were addressed. The organisation of the conference was a large undertaking which would not have been possible without collaborative working. In particular, First Person Plural’s expert by experience representative on the Conference Committee, in addition to contributing to the planning of the conference, undertook a substantial amount of the practical organisational and administrative tasks necessary.

We are planning and looking forward to the Spring Conference in 2019

Some participant feedback from the 2017 Conference: Wonderful atmosphere - ESTD UK come of age! ie a very significant developmental point; Outstanding conference - thanks to all involved;  Very enriching and enjoyable ; Some wonderful knowledgeable and experienced speakers - particularly Remy and Angela Kennedy; Excellent keynote speakers - wealth of workshops. Warm and inclusive. Excellent venue and conference dinner; The attention to detail was marvellous. As a result we were offered so much from so many talented people; Fantastic conference and hope it will be a regular one in the future.

Other activities

1.    Child and adolescent training. This has been provided by Renee Marks, British Institute for Child Trauma and Dissociation ( BICTD) in association with ESTD UK.    

2.    Members listserve. This is a forum for ESTD members in the UK with written guidelines & 2 moderators.

3.    Information sheets . Currently these consist of information for clinicians  and funders; those looking for therapist and information re parents with dissociation.  All will be reviewed and if necessary revised in 2018.

4.    Regional support groups . There are 2 peer support groups in the N. West and N.East of England.   


See more at our homepage: http://www.estduk.org/ 

ESTD-UK Contact People

Sandra Buck
Email: uk@estd.org

Learning Resources Films for sale

A Logical Way of Being – the reality of dissociative identity disorder & other complex dissociative conditions : An introductory training film produced by Serious Media for First Person Plural in partnership with the UK Network of ESTD Members

No Two Paths the Same -  living and working therapeutically with dissociative identity disorder : Produced by Serious Media for First Person Plural in partnership with the UK Network of ESTD Members explores the phase-oriented treatment approach described in Guidelines for Treating DID in Adults.

  • Both films feature three psychotherapists with experience of treating DID and three people with  experience of living with DID.
  • No Two Paths the Same additionally includes a chapter presented by a partner of someone living with DID.
  • Both films are available as region-free DVDs in PAL format and as MP4 downloads.
  • A version of A Logical Way of Being is available which has subtitles in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and English

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