ESTD Website Committee

Website Committee

Committee composition: Barbara Puchalska (ESTD website administrator) and volunteers.

Committee charge: Recognizing that the website is the one constant representation of ESTD, it is critical that the website represents and supports the association?s overall goals and objectives. The website is considered a key technological tool to help achieve ESTD’s aims.

Specific objectives of the website committee are to:

  • Provide current and useful online member-driven information designed to enhance the value of ESTD membership
  • Provide dynamic, relevant communication from the board to our membership
  • Promote membership recruitment and registration in ESTD conferences and training
  • Provide news and relevant information from the field of trauma and dissociation
  • Increase the knowledge about trauma and dissociation

Function Statement:

  1. Update website contents
  2. Liaise with webmaster
  3. Develop the contents, structure and functionality of the website.