New 2017 ESTD Membership rates

30 marraskuu 2016
  • Western European members (including e-journal): 85 Euro
  • Eastern European members (including e-journal): 50 Euro
  • Eastern European members (without e-journal): 15 Euro
  • Student (with documentation) members (including e-journal): 65 Euro

Reasons for membership fee changes

Starting in 2017, ESTD members will receive for free an exciting new trauma and dissociation e-journal, the European Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, published by Elsevier. This is a major step for ESTD as an organization, taken in conjunction with our sister French organization, AFTD (Association Francophone du Trauma et de la Dissociation), but will require an increase in member fees to support it. We worked very hard to keep the increase as low as possible.

Western European members will pay 85 Euro in 2017 – an increase of 35 Euro, while Eastern European members will see the membership fee increase to 50 Euro. However, for Easter European countries only, ESTD members may choose not to receive the journal; for this option, the fee will remain 15 Euro annually. New members may join at these rates in November 2016 and remain ESTD members through 2017.

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