The Finding Solid Ground Program

Free access to the recording of Bethany Brand’s talk on

«Lessons we need to know about treating highly dissociative individuals: The finding solid ground program».

recording June 18 2022

The TOP DD Network Study found that a web-based educational program for dissociative individuals called the Finding Solid Ground program showed promising results. Dr. Brand will present an overview of the Finding Solid Ground program and its model for enhancing dissociative individuals’ ability to 1) understand, accept, and manage their emotions and trauma-based symptoms; and 2) gradually improve their ability to maintain their safety while enhancing self-compassion.  Lastly, Dr. Brand will discuss the exciting, randomized control trial for clients with CDD, complex PTSD, and the dissociative subtype of PTSD, which is based on the Finding Solid Ground Program, and has just launched.    
Bethany Brand, Ph.D. is a Psychology Professor at Towson University and she specializes in the assessment and treatment of trauma-related disorders   She has over 30 years of clinical and research experience.  Dr. Brand has been honored with numerous research, teaching and clinical awards and served on several national task forces that developed guidelines for the assessment and treatment of trauma-related disorders. Dr. Brand is the Principal Investigator on a series of international treatment studies of patients with dissociative disorders as well as studies that are developing methods for distinguishing dissociative disorders from other conditions including malingering. She has served as an expert witness on trauma in forensic cases at the state, federal, and international level.
Learning Objectives
1.    List three functions of unsafe behavior in complex dissociative disorder patients
2.    List the most common triggers for unsafe behavior in individuals with complex dissociative disorders  
3.    Describe the approach to stabilization that is taught in the Finding Solid Ground program, which is the educational program that was used in the TOP DD Network study  
4.    Explain why clients are taught management of PTSD in the Finding Solid Ground program