Interview with Rémy Aquarone

20 Luglio 2011
Rémy Aquarone

Remy Aquarone is an Analytical Psychotherapist and Director of the Pottergate Centre for Dissociation & Trauma, based in Norwich, UK.

He is a Consultant Psychotherapist to a number of Psychiatric Services across the United Kingdom offering assessments and treatment protocols for out patient work in a person’s own locality. He offers joint assessments along with a Consultant Psychiatrist in Norwich and elsewhere. His Centre employs a number of therapists trained in dissociation.

He is past International Director of ISSTD and currently President of ESTD.


Speaker: Rémy Aquarone, M.Sc.
Remy Aquarone is here talking about his background as a psychoanalyst, through baby observations, and to his first meeting with a DID patient, and how he has adapted his early learning to working with dissociative disorders. He talks about the importance of openness, how as a therapist you have to adapt to the language of the patient, the importance of body language, and the activity level in therapy. He also talks about working with dissociative dynamics, and also about his organizational work and how this is similar to working with dissociation.

The interview was done 16th of January 2011, and the interviewer is Clinical Psychologist and ESTD board member Arne Blindheim.

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