Working with dissociative disorders : the strenght of cooperation

20 Octombrie 2019 - 20 Octombrie 2019
Cagliari, Italy

With Remy Aquarone & Melanie Goodwin 
20 October 2019, Hotel Regina Margherita, Cagliari, Italy

Melanie Goodwin is the co-founder of First Person Plural and is their chair and a trainer. She uses her lived experience of DID and theoretical knowledge to help others understand a condition this is often regarded as “extremely complex” while she sees it as “totally logical”. Melanie ran her local playgroup while her own four children were small and then spent many years working in the library service.

Remy Aquarone is psychoanalyst member of the UK Council of Psychotherapy and British Psychoanalytic Council. At present is the director of Pottergate Centre for Dissociation & Trauma in Norwich. He is expert in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorders. Former director of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) and past President of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD).

The workshop aims to show to participants how some England therapists and First Person Plural DID Association work together to deal complex Dissociative Disorders. Melanie Goodwin, co-founder of the FPP, will discuss her experience of people with dissociative disorder. Remy Aquarone an experienced therapist in the treatment of DD, will show the most important steps in the evaluation process.

MORNING 9-11:15
• The general situation of Dissociative Disorders in UK: an historical lineage (Remy Aquarone)
• First Person Plural Association: a brief description from the beginning till now (Melanie Goodwin)
• Video about the FPP’s work (Melanie Goodwin)
MORNING 11:30-13
• What is a Dissociative Identity Disorder ? The patient’s perspective (Melanie Goodwin)
• Living with DID – understand, managing and changing behavioural patterns (Melanie Goodwin)
AFTERNOON 14-15:30
• What is a Dissociative Identity Disorder? The therapist’s perspective (Remy Aquarone)
• Pre-assessment - Therapist considers the possibility of a diagnostic interview (Remy Aquarone)
AFTERNOON 15:45-17:15

• Clinical interview with Dissociative Disorders: how to build a therapeutic alliance (Remy Aquarone)
• Case example: a film showing a session with a client who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (Remy Aquarone)


Workshop Registration Fees
100 EURO (by June 15th)
125 EURO (after June 15th)



About First Person Plural : Dissociative Identity Disorders Association
First Person Plural (FPP) is an English association that works for all people who suffer from a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DDI) and related trauma disorders that have to do with the dissociation of identity. FPP was founded in 1997. It remains the only non-profit association at national level that focuses on these unrecognized and misunderstood disorders. Dissociative disorders of complex identities are common in people who are victims of repeated and long-lasting trauma of different nature, which began in early childhood. These generally pertain to sexual, physical, emotional abuse and/or neglect. However, they may include other types of trauma such as repeated invasive medical procedures or a prolonged illness that has afflicted a parent or other primary caregiver. The work of the association is to improve the knowledge, understanding and recognition of this problem. FPP Association encourages and facilitates mutual support; aims for a specialist assessment and allows more effective treatment and care pathways. Members of the association do this through training courses, short sessions to rai se awareness, written material and audiovisual resources, access to online support forums and open meetings for members.