New Membership fees from January 2024

Dear ESTD members,

In accordance with the resolution adopted by the ESTD General Meeting in November 2023, from the 1st January 2024 new membership fees will apply.

The annual fee for ESTD members with a subscription to the European Journal for Trauma & Dissociation will increase by EUR 5 and will amount to EUR 90.

A few countries which we classified as low income countries  (including: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal Slovakia*) in the past, will now be regarded as middle income countries with an annual membership fee of EUR 30 (excluding EJTD) or EUR 65 (including the Journal).

The annual rate for low income countries (including: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine*) will be EUR 15 (excluding EJTD) or EUR 50 (including the Journal).

If you pay your membership renewal fee before the end of this year, our current membership fees will apply.

All the best in the New Year 2024. We are happy you are still with us!

ESTD Board

*Countries were classified into the high, middle or low income categories based on their gross domestic product per capita.