Accredited programmes in the Clinical Assessment of Trauma-related Disorders

Polish Training in Clinical Assessment of Trauma-Related Conditions

This training has been provided in Poland by s.c. ( and delivered by ESTD clinical mentors: prof. Igor Pietkiewicz PhD & Radosław Tomalski, MD, PhD. It is the first training created in collaboration with ESTD in 2018 and accredited by it. It includes two weekend courses: Basic training and Advanced training (20 hours each) and clinical supervision.

The content of the basic training includes:

  • The concept of trauma and its clinical effects 
  • The spectrum of trauma-related disorders 
  • The complexity of the concept of dissociation: dissociative phenomena, symptoms and dissociative disorders, the Theory of Structural Dissociation of Personality, recognition of dissociative disorders in relation to psychiatric classifications; epidemiology of dissociative disorders 
  • Planning the diagnostic process 
  • Screening tools for trauma, post-traumatic stress symptoms, psychoform / somatoform dissociation; 
  • An in-depth clinical interview: detailed discussion of each section, explaining the idea behind questions, typical responses of patients with various disorders illustrated with clinical videos
  • Practical exercises in performing parts of the interview.

The advanced training extends the knowledge in the field of diagnosis going more into details of trauma-related disorders, their criteria according to psychiatric classifications and some additional tools that may be helpful in that.