ESTD Board

Meet ESTD Board Members who are responsive for the development and management of our Society.
They participate and oversee the work of different committees and jointly make important decisions.

Igor Pietkiewicz

ESTD President

Associate Professor at the Department od Psychology, Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow, Poland and Director of the Research Centre for Trauma & Dissociation

Claire Harrison-Breed

ESTD Secretary

Consultant Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Academic Director of Broad Horizons Psychotherapy Centre Senior Lecturer at The University of Northampton

Desiree Tijdink

ESTD Treasurer

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, family therapist, trainer (speciality diagnostic dissociative disorders), supervisor. Working in the Netherlands at GGZ Centraal (community mental organisation) at the TRTC Transit (Top Referent Trauma Center for complex PTSD and dissociative disorders) located in Ermelo.

Maria Paola Boldrini

President Elect

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Trainer, supervisor and researcher at Studi Cognitivi and AreaTrauma l.l.c. Modena-Milan, Italy

Suzana Guedes

Board member

Psychotherapist, supervisor, researcher. Working as a Clinical and Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist in HPA Group Hospital and Algarve Trauma Clinic (Algarve- Portugal)

Ellen Jepsen

Board member

Psychiatrist, MD, PhD. Therapist, supervisor, trainer, and researcher in the area of trauma and dissociation. National work location: Department for Trauma Treatment, Modum Bad Psychiatric Center, Norway. Period: 2019-2022.

Lise Møller

Board member

Clinical psychologist, phd

Jan Gysi

Board member

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist, Supervisor & trainer in the area of trauma and dissociation

Sandra Baita

Board member

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Child Therapist and EMDR Approved Consultant, specialized in the treatment of developmental trauma an dissociation, working in private practice in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina