Dear ESTD members,

We are excited to announce that our seventh Biennial Conference, “The Legacy of Trauma and Dissociation: Body and Mind in a New Perspective”, is open for registration.Early bird rates apply until May 15! During the 3 days (24-26 October), trauma experts from all over Europe and outside the old continent will gather and share their experience and ideas in this challenging field of dissociation and trauma. Clinicians and scientists will join their efforts in bringing the latest information, creating a unique place for learning and networking in Rome.

As you might know, starting this year, the Presidency of the Society goes to Eastern Europe. I am a Romanian clinician (child psychiatrist and therapist), honoured to serve ESTD and willing to do my best to continue the efforts to develop a stronger and flexible community for clinicians, researchers, teachers and all those who are dedicated to improving the life of people in the aftermath of trauma.

There are many things to work on this year for the ESTD Board: organizing the Conference, updating the Constitution, and developing new strategies for education are some of the items we are all focusing on.

As you well know, one of the primary aims of ESTD is to increase the knowledge and education specifically in those countries in Europe, which do not have easy access to this field. In this line, during the last 10 years, ESTD has sponsored trainings in different East and Central European countries like the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Thanks to the work of country representatives and their teams, this collaboration has brought quite good results: there are now small communities of clinicians working in trauma and dissociation that are quite active in Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and even research units that our colleague Igor Pietkiewicz is running in Poland. 2018 added new countries to the ESTD map: Russia, Bulgaria, and Kosovo. We welcome our new colleagues and we look forward to future collaboration.

Together with my colleagues from the Board, we wish you a good 2019, with joy and prosperity, hoping to meet you in Rome!

Best wishes,

Anca Vilma Sabau, MD

President, ESTD